Each PhD Student has a supervisory team. This team is responsible for the supervision of the PhD student.

As of 01.08.2015, for new PhD projects within the EE-Network, the following requirements apply:
  1. The supervisory team is to be formed at the start of each PhD project. The supervisory team can change along the way, but this should be the exception rather than the rule.
  2. The supervisory team consists of three to five members. 
  3. One member of the supervisory team acts as the chair.
  4. A supervisory team involves at least two Fellows from within the network. 
  5. It is preferable that not all involved Fellows work at the same host within the network. 
  6. As part of the training of Research Fellows, it is encouraged that one of the Research Fellows is involved in the supervisory team as well.
  7. At least one member of the supervisory team must have Degree Awarding Rights (i.e. Ius Promovendi in the Dutch system, or ADR in the Luxembourgish system) at the desired Degree Awarding University. It is desirable that this person is also chair of the supervisory team.
  8. The chair of the supervisory team does not have to be a fellow from the network. Furthermore, the Degree Awarding University also does not have to be a host of the EE-Network.  
  9. The overlap between the supervisory team and formal supervisory roles at the Degree Awarding University is to be optimised. In the Dutch system, this means that the members of the supervisory team will typically be (Co)Promotors.
  10. Where the rules of a Degree Awarding University expect a formal decision of the chair of the supervisory committee in the context of their Degree Awarding Rights (for that specific PhD Student), the chair will involve the entire supervisory team in such decision making. 
  11. Each member of a supervisory team is expected to be actively involved in the supervision of the PhD student. It is generally expected that one of the members acts as a day-to-day supervisor, while the others may focus more on overall quality, focus and progress. 
    PhD Students are expected to have contact with their day-to-day supervisor at least once a week, in order to discuss research, progress, possible difficulties, publications, etc. 
  12. There will be an annual evaluation of the progress of the PhD project. This evaluation will also be used to asses the composition of the supervisory team, as well as plan the desired progress, publications, needed training, etc, for the upcoming year. 
Where practical and desirable, the supervisory team of PhD projects that were already ongoing on 01.08.2015 will be extended where necessary.