Communication standards

It is in the interest of all members of the network to increase its visibility. Therefore we have some rules regarding references to the EE-Network in presentations, publications and PhD theses.


  • There is no requirement for the use of an EE-Network template.
  • It is appreciated if PhD Candidates and Research Fellows, during a presentation, refer to the fact that they are member of the EE-Network as part of their training. 
  • The preferred way of referring to this membership is in terms of an inclusion of the "EE Site" image as attached to the bottom of this page. 


  • For publications, it is appreciated if PhD Candidates and Research Fellows refer to their membership of the EE-Network. 
  • The preferred option here is to add a footnote regarding this on the title page, with the text:
         Member of the EE-Network research and training network (

PhD Thesis
For PhD projects started after 01.08.2015, the following applies:

  • Where applicable, it is appreciated to include the "EE Logo" image, as attached to the bottom of this page, on the spine of the cover, directly from the top prefacing the author name.
  • Unless disallowed by the rules from the Degree Awarding University, it is required to:
    • Include in the front matter (typically on the so-called "Copyright page") of the thesis:
      • EE-network dissertation [year-number] by [author name]
      • Inclusion of the EE logo on the copyright page
    • Two pages with the "EE-Network Dissertation Series" as an unnumbered chapter after the curriculum vitae, before the appendices. These two pages will contain:
      • a short description of the EE-Network as a research and training network, 
      • a reference to the website, 
      • as well as a list of the most recent other PhD dissertations in the series as far as can be fitted on two pages.
For PhD projects started before 01.08.2015, compliance to the above is highly appreciated.