Associates are people who are involved in the activities of the EE-Network, but cannot (yet) commit to an active role as a Fellow or as a PhD Candidate in the network. Associates with a PhD are classified as Senior Associates, and Associates without a PhD are classified as Junior Associates. The latter may also include PhD Candidates who are actively pursuing a PhD, but do so outside of the network.

Senior Associates
  1. Dr. Bas van Gills, BiZZdesign
  2. Dr. Ir. Linda Terlouw, ICRIS
  3. Dr. Ralph Foorthuis, UWV
  4. Dr. Roel Wagter, IT-Eye
Junior Associates
    1. Bertrand Gregoire, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
    2. Christian Köppe, HAN University of Applied Sciences
    3. Frank Schalkwijk, Polliance
    4. Martin van der Berg, De Nederlandsche Bank
    5. René Ceelen, CEPO
    6. Theo Theunissen, HAN University of Applied Sciences