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Business and IT: Alignment now and in the future - insights from research in Luxembourg and Australia

Monday, 4th November 2013Eventbrite - Business and IT: Alignment now and in the future - insights from research in Luxembourg and Australia

Public Research Centre Henri Tudor | 29, avenue John F. Kennedy | Luxembourg-Kirchberg 

The 8th Insights event: "Business and IT: Alignment now and in the future" will take place on November 4th, 2013 from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm at the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor. The series of Insights events aim to bring together practitioners and researchers to share insights, transfer knowledge, and identify open research issues/challenges in service innovation and enterprise transformations in general. 

The Insights event invites people from practice, like the Executive, the CIO, and any Organization Manager using IT to support his business, and people from academia, novice and experienced researchers alike. Current problems in aligning Business and IT related with organizational communication and organizational dynamics, and future challenges that involve the widespread diffusion of information technology (including social media) and globalization are presented and described. Situated methods and integrative service design frameworks for innovation are proposed to deal with current and emerging market needs. Researchers' insights are based on the collection of empirical data, in-depth analysis, and amassed experiences as practitioner. 

This Insights event is free of charge, sponsored by the National Research Fund (FNR), in the framework of the ASINE PEARL Program, and will be followed by a Cocktail Reception. 


5:00 – 5:15 Welcome and Registration
5:15 – 5:40

Current affairs in aligning Business and IT: Insights from research in Luxembourgish Organizations
Wolfgang Molnar, Research Fellow, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg

This presentation unveils ongoing issues in aligning Business and IT. Empirical data of 13 Luxembourgish organizations were collected and evaluated. This involved 6 public organizations, 4 enterprises in the finance sector, and 4 small and medium enterprises. We describe patterns and interesting examples in topics related to Business and IT. We propose situated methods that help to overcome current problems and enable organizations to cope with similar challenges better. 

Wolfgang Molnar focuses on socio-technical aspects in transforming enterprises and developing Information Systems. He is currently creating a situational enterprise engineering method focused on Enterprise Transformation, by identifying related competencies and skills by selecting and comparing relevant and contemporary enterprise architecture frameworks.

5:40 – 6:00

Governance issues for Business - IT alignment
Dieter de Smet, Researcher, Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxembourg
The objective of this presentation is to provide the participants an overview of the insights gathered during the latest business-IT alignment research in Luxembourg. The research methodology will shed light on the use of a framework to inquire and analyze the current business-IT alinement practices in a company. The results will be discussed by addressing two main sectors: public services and financial services. Each segment has proven to have similarities yet also their own contextual challenges. These insights will help to stimulate debate on the challenges of business-IT alignment in a smaller, open economy such as Luxembourg.
Dieter De Smet has obtained a Master’s degree as Commercial Engineer and an additional Master’s degree in European Public Affairs Management in Brussels. His current research interests are oriented towards innovation processes, factors influencing these and their governance. He has published in journals such as the "Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management", "Managerial Auditing Journal" and "Journal of Management Research".
6:00 – 6:40

Frameworks for Value Co-creation in the Organizations of the Future
Eng Chew, 
Professor of Business and IT Strategy at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia
In this talk we present our preliminary exploratory findings on the fundamental ‘architectural’ frameworks for value co-creation in the Organizations of the Future. We first review the theoretical constructs of value co-creation and those of the emerging digitalized ecosystem. Then, we examine the overarching architectural framework of the value-creating ecosystem, particularly its constitutive dynamics and the requisite dynamic organizational capabilities for collaborative value co-creation between the participating partners. Finally, we propose an integrative service design framework for innovation that would enable the Organizations of the Future to co-create value with customers to meet the emerging or latent market needs.
Eng Chew was former Chief Information Officer of SingTel Optus and Eng had held various executive roles, over 25 years, in high-tech industries in Australia. His achievements included delivery of several hundreds of million Australian dollars of business value through business process re-engineering and organizational transformation. Currently, Eng leads the Organizations of the Future Research Group in UTS, and is active in Service Innovation on which he recently co-authored a textbook.
6:40 – 7:00 Open Discussions
7:00 – 8:00 Cocktail Reception

Practical Information

 Session:  4th November 2013 from 17:00 to 19:00
 Location:  CRP Henri Tudor – 29, avenue John F. Kennedy – L-1855 Luxembourg
 Duration:  2 hours
 Registration fee:  Free of charge & Mandatory